On the 20 of October IRT adopted Joint Statement at the Meeting in Moscow.

Joint Statement


St. Petersburg, May 23, 2014. Co-chairmen of the EU/Russia Industrialists' Round Table (IRT) Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of RUSNANO, and Jørgen Rasmussen, President of Carlsberg Group, met today at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

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IRT welcomes new Russian Council member Alexandr Byshkov, President-Director General of JSC IC Russ-Invest

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EU-Russia Summit January 2014

IRT Recommendations to the EU-Russia Summit (28 January 2014, Brussels)


On the 18 of December the meeting between Russian Co-chairman Anatoly Chubais and new ambassador and head of the European Union Delegation to Russia Vygaudas Ušackas took place in Moscow


On the 27 of November shepras of IRT Council members held a working meeting to discuss joint IRT recommendations to the EU Russia Summit participants

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On the 23 of October new ambassador and head of the European Union Delegation to Russia Vygaudas Ušackas presented his credentials to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

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On the 22 of October IRT co-chairmen Anatoly Chubais and Jorgen Rasmussen met in Moscow.

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IRT welcomes Jorgen Rasmussen, president of Carlsberg Group, as a new Co-chairman of the Council from the EU side



EU-Russia Summit June 2013

IRT Recommendations to the EU-Russia Summit (3-4 June 2013, Yekaterinburg)


Russian IRT Co-chairman Anatoly Chubais spoke at the International conference “Russia and the European Union: partnership and its potential" March 2013


Russia - EU: dialogue continued at a new level


EU-Russia Summit June 2012

IRT Recommendations to the EU-Russia Summit (21 December 2012, Brussels)


IRT Taskforce on Innovations


EU-Russia Business Dialogue 2012



EU-Russia Summit June 2012

IRT Recommendations to the EU-Russia Summit (3-4 June 2012, St Petersburg)


EU-Russia Summit December 2011

IRT Recommendations to the EU-Russia Summit (15 December 2011, Brussels)

Recommendations from the Workshops

Localization of industrial Manufacturing in Russia

HR for Innovative Business

Modern Pharma Policy

Towards an EU-Russia Common Technology Market





IRT Task Force on Technical Regulation (TF8) has now its own web-page (so far, in Russian only) >>


TF8 Documents Sharing System >>>







Welcome to the website of the
EU Russia Industrialists' Round Table (IRT)

The EU-Russia Industrialists' Roundtable (IRT) is a business platform composed of leaders of companies from the EU and Russia.

The IRT was established in 1997 upon the suggestion of the political leaders meeting at an EU-Russia Summit. Since then, IRT provides a platform for business dialogue and has evolved into a full-fledged organisation that actively fosters discussions on bilateral economic relations. On this basis, the IRT gives business recommendations to policy makers in the EU and Russia.

Our Vision

The IRT vision of an integrated EU-Russia common economic area

An integrated EU-Russia common economic area should provide a rules-based framework for mutual trade and investment, which will generate a win-win partnership ensuring fair competition and freedom of cross-border movement for professionals.

This vision can only be built on a broad and comprehensive free trade agreement, based on WTO membership, which includes implementation of the following elements:

  • Substantially fewer trade obstacles for bilateral trade in goods and services than required by the WTO ("WTO+"). As a rule, tariffs should be abolished and quotas and all other export and import restrictions discontinued
  • Approximation of economic regulations and standards around transparent, predictable, proportionate and fact-based regulation and international approaches to standards
  • An open, transparent and non-discriminatory regime to encourage and protect mutual investment with full transparency and sustainability based on national treatment
  • Robust enforcement of intellectual property rules
  • Effective dispute settlement and mediation mechanisms